Master of public administration(MPA)

Master of public administration(MPA)

About this program

MPA program is designed to provide the students with rigorous training in economic and political training, complemented by a wide range of electives, to prepare them for professional careers related to public services.

In addition, this program allowed the students to study and analyze the social, economic and political conditions over a wide range of regions and provinces in Vietnam.


Semester 1

Semester 2


PE500 – Philosophy(4)

MG5201 – Social Research (2)

EC5101 – Micro Economics

in Public

Management (3)

………….. – English

EC5102 – Macro Economics:

Theories and

Practices (3)

PM5101 – Public


Theories and

Practices (3)

PM5103 – Public Budget

Planning and


Management (3)

………. – English


PM5104 – Human Capital

Management (2)

PM5201 – Evaluation of

Public Investment

Project (2)

PM5204 – Urbanization


Policy (2)

…………. – English

PM5206 – Quantitative

Methods and Policy

Analysis (2)

PM5107 – Regional Economic

Planning and

Development (2)

PM5212 – Leadership Skills in

The Public Sector (2)

………….. – English


PM5200 – Thesis (12)


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