Master of Science in Leadership

About this program

The Master of Science in Leadership prepares learners the ability to overcome evolving challenges by helping them cultivate a personal leadership philosophy. Leveraging students' interdisciplinary backgrounds, this master's degree in leadership combines real – world lessons with an action – learning approach that is designed to build and strengthen their leadership capabilities

From School of Business

Elective course: Choose 04 of 07 following courses

LDR.IU.001 – International Business Management (3)

LDR.IU.002 – International Marketing (3)

LDR.IU.003 – Cross Culture Management (3)

LDR.IU.004 – Financial Management for International Business (3)

LDR.IU.005 – International Economics (3)

LDR.IU.006 – International Policy and Strategy (3)

LDR.IU.007 – International Business Consulting (3)

From Northeastern University

LDR6005 – Creating in High Performance Organization (3)

LDR6100 – Developing Your Leadership Capability (3)

LDR6110 – Leading Teams (3)

LDR6120 – Creating Leadership Capability (3)

FIN6120 – Building Financial Relationships (3)

LDR6125 – Managing Organizational Culture (3)

LDR6135 – The Ethical Leader (3)

LDR6140 – Developing The Strategic Leader (3)

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